Your journey to achieving your goals

The six-step journey is designed to identify exactly what you want to achieve. It’s about you, your current challenges, and your most important aspirations.

Whether your goals are big or small, short or long term, we’ll put a plan in place to achieve them. Not only that, this journey ensures your plans stay on track should your situation, needs or goals change in the future.

From the very start, we’ll make sure we communicate clearly how we operate. After all, planning your finances is complex and we want to ensure you understand clearly, giving you the peace of mind that your plans are in the right hands.

The six-step journey

  • Engagement
  • Discovery
  • Research and analysis
  • Plan presentation
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing services and relationship


This is where we get to know each other better and provide you with an introduction to who we are, what we do, and how we work.

We’ll explain our services in detail and talk about how our services can benefit you. We’ll talk about your situation, what you would like to achieve, and any concerns you might have. This part of the journey is always at our expense and at the end of this meeting, you’ll have an idea as to whether we’re right for you.

Step two - Discovery


At this part of the journey, we gather more information about you, your circumstances, your existing financial arrangements and your priorities, aspirations, and goals. This is so we can clearly understand your financial position now and your future needs, and put a bespoke plan in place.

To create a fuller picture of your financial situation, we gather the necessary documents, forming the foundations of our plan. We’ll then go into detail about your priorities in life, what you want to achieve in the short and long term and your approach to money.

Step three - Research and analysis

Research and analysis

As we’ve now gathered all the relevant information, we’ll go away and undertake a detailed analysis.

This will inform the financial plan we put in place for you. Armed with the details, we’ll put together a bespoke strategy; one that is aligned with your goals and specific to your needs.

Step four - Plan presentation

Plan presentation

Following our comprehensive analysis, we’ll show you the bespoke financial plan created for you. We’ll also recommend the best financial solutions to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

We’ll take you through your plan step-by-step, ensuring the complexities are easy to understand. We’ll detail the things you need to know now, and what you need to know in the future. The report is then yours to take away and consider before moving to the next step of your journey with us.

Step five - Implementation


Once you’ve taken the time to go over your financial plan and you feel happy to proceed, we begin the process of implementation.

We’ll assist you in completing the relevant paperwork, then put in place the best structure and financial solutions that will make your goals become a reality. As we’re independent, the recommendations you’re given are from the whole of market and without bias, meaning it’s entirely unique to you and your needs.

Step six - Ongoing services and relationship

Ongoing services and relationship

With any financial plan, it’s important to regularly review it. As you, your family and circumstances change over time, your goals and timescales may change as well.

The ongoing relationship we have will mean we’ll be ready to adapt your plan when needed. The regular reviews we have will ensure everything stays on track, no matter what hurdles you face in your life.

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